Our Vision

Utilizing our extensive database and advertising network, we provide quality recruitment solutions in specific market sectors.

Our specialist teams are dedicated to building rewarding partnerships with our clients through commitment and shared values.

Through training and investors in people, we continuously develop skills and expertise to meet our customer expectations. Our performance is reflected in our financial growth and on-going investment in our business.

  • To understand client needs
  • To focus on market sectors
  • To cultivate and develop long lasting relationships
  • To meet the changing needs of our client
  • Professionalism
  • Profitable and successful business – reinvestment
  • Productive working environment whereby our employees feel valued
  • To be well organized and give clear direction of our strategies to both our employees and our clients.


Green Work Force is a major indigenous manpower company and placement service provider organized to provide manpower engineering and technical consultancy services to the industries worldwide. It is managed by highly qualified professional manpower specialist consultants with several years of training and experience throughout Canada. Through a unique combination of skills, competencies, knowledge and favorable experience, Green Work Force is able to offer manpower services ranging from consultancy to turn-key project implementation and operation. The company recognizes and caters for the special personnel needs of clients in the various industries. 

Green Work Force is a leading HR, recruitment, selection, outsourcing and manpower sourcing company. Green Work Force is a recruitment and placement firm that understands the intricacies of human resource management. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between the requirements in various organizations. We specialize in a wide range of effective and innovative HR solutions. We deliver a range of highly professional and tailored services to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse customer base. Our management and training services are intended to improve productivity, efficiency, communication, and employee morale. Green Work Force is a recruitment company that is driven by ideals and zeal and
provides global clients with the most outstanding personnel.


We have acquired data bank of individuals and their qualifications, experience, expectations and ambitions. The database is constantly updated and maintained very professionally, backed by intelligent and sensitive software. Our services include placement through a computerized data bank, advertisement
process, headhunting and a stringent selection process. Green Work Force operates to the highest
quality standards in ever aspect of our service. We utilize the following main methods:

  • Green Work Force quality system – electronic database of procedures, policies and
  • Effective internal communication of improvements and amendments
  • Client feedback
  • Staff training
  • Format account reviews

Master Time Sheet

A master time sheet is supplied by Green Work Force, at the time when the client has contracted a number of employees. A four hour minimum charge applies per employee, per shift. This time sheet becomes the company’s acceptance of obligation to pay for the recorded hours, once signed by the authorized personnel.

Payment Of Invoice

Invoices are calculated weekly and are due within 15 days of submission. Cheques should be made payable to Green Work Force due to government regulations with respect to Revenue Canada remittances, we are compelled to charge 26% interest per annum on any past due invoices.

Billing Rates

For temporary services, you will be charged a flat hourly rate, pre-arranged by our account manager, for the employee(s) assigned to your company or any associated company.

Overtime Rates

Overtime is billed at one and one half (1.5) times the hourly rate quoted hours and calculated as total weekly hours from Monday to Sunday that are in excess of 44 hours. All rates are inclusive with the exception of H.S.T. If your company will not authorize overtime hours over 44 hours. Green Work Force
must be notified in advance.

Safety & Training

At Green Work Force, our objective is to ensure that our employees are fully aware of their responsibility regarding safety in the workplace. Green Work Force ensures that each employee completes a written and video based training program on WHIMS awareness. Green Work Force would be pleased to accommodate any other pertinent safety program that is required by your company. Our employees do wear safety – toe safety footwear. All Green Work Force employees are covered under WSIB. Green Work Force has a dedicated WSIB claim manager to ensure that all claims are handled in accordance with applicable laws.

Permanent & Temporary

We offer both permanent and temporary recruitment service supplying candidates. For both direct recruitment to our clients as well as candidates through our placement service bureau who remain on the recruitment payroll.